What is it, and why did I use it for our game jam character?

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the Seattle Indies Game Jam 2020.

This year, the jam was held online, and was a two week long “slow” jam, rather than the typical 48–72 hour jams they usually hold.
A few positive outcomes resulted from this change.
For one, it allowed broader access to people who generally wouldn’t attend jams due to full work schedules.

Additionally, it provided room for people to work at their own pace, and take care of themselves during the jam — or push themselves and pick up new skills along the way.

Due to having a…

Unpacking our GGJ2020 rhythm game experiment

This past Global Game Jam (GGJ2020), our team decided to create a rhythm game. For the project, I primarily took on the task of hooking up and creating a beat-mapping system. In this article, I’ll cover some of the decisions and reasoning that went into creating this beat-mapping system (for more thoughts on the jam itself, I’ve put together a short retrospective here).

Going into the jam, I already had a pretty good idea of how to set up simple beat detection using FMOD with Unity, so I used this as a foundational framework. Alone, this beat detection system is…

A space to explore failure and spontaneity.

Everyone finds something different in a game jam. For some, it’s a space to make new friends, network, and catch up with old friends. For others, it can be a space to test oneself, or try out new design ideas. For certain people, it’s a competition, and a play-space to certain others.

This past weekend (January 31st to February 2nd), I attended my first Global Game Jam. I already knew a few people going into the jam, which definitely helped ease the initial socializing and team-forming chunk of the jam, but I also went in without much of an idea…

A walk-through of the core functions of the FMOD Unity package.

There is a fair bit of documentation floating around on FMOD Unity integration and scripting, but much of it is scattered, disorganized and buried in forum posts or videos.

For my current project, I’ve spent a fair bit of time digging for specific, targeted, but generally simple solutions. This document will be a summary of these “basics,” with simple scripting examples and brief commentary on use cases. I won’t, however, be covering Unity functionality, and will be writing with a certain degree of assumed familiarity of FMOD Studio terminology and functionality.

My hope is that this documentation will alleviate the…

Colin Vandervort

Indie Technical Sound Designer :: https://colinvandervort.com/

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